About Us

Caswell Stables was established In Victoria by Andrew Inglis in 1980 where it began as a coaching and training facility. Over 16 years it built into a reliable and well respected business in Victoria.

Moving to NSW in 1996, Caswell stables began producing top quality performance horses, namely Close Encounters, Mr Burns, Koyuna, Silver Braid, Cruzin’, Tactics, Toontown, Asset, Elvis, Guesswork, Snooty Fox, Parkview Gemini, Waterford and the three top level horses at the moment, Regal Status, Amira and Licara.

Caswell Stables is a jumping and training stable of Greater Sydney which offers a board range of services. The two principle riders are Andrew Inglis and Jenny Sheppard; both are internationally experienced competition riders who still compete at the top level of the sport.

With Jenny and Andrew are group riders who stay, travel and compete with them. As well as being very competitive themselves, they are always at hand to help their riders at shows.

Above: Andrew Inglis riding Close Encounters at Castle Hill.
Jenny riding Tactics at Sydney Royal


Jenny riding Tactics at Sydney Royal